Heels and Sneakers actress Belinda Sefakor Dzata has said that she can be able to accommodate any size of p*nis—whether big or small.

What brought about this was, the actress claims she’s against pre-marital sex since the bible speaks vehemently against it.

Actress Belinda Dzata

Then she was asked, what if you marry and later find out that the man you’ve married have just something tiny down there?, Belinda confidently said size was not an issue to her.

She made this known on an interview on JOY Tv.

Belinda was Born in the 80’s, and holds a BA in Business Management and Computer Studies from the Wisconsin University.

She has played major roles in movies like; Bedroom Diaries of a Black Woman, Beyounce, Chelsea, 4 Play, Strippers, The Prince Bride, Elmina, Why Should I get Married and Heels and Sneakers.




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