6 Punches From Teephlow’s ‘Preach’ Song That Made Strongman Almost ‘Cry’

There is no doubt that, for some past months now, there have been a little beef between SpyderLee Entertainment signed art ‘Teephlow‘ and Sarkcess Music signed art ‘Strongman‘.


The beef resurrected last month after Strongman dropped a song he titled as ‘Charcoal‘ to diss Teephlow for his failure to acknowledge him as the best emcee ever in the history of Ghana hip-hop music.

However, two months down the lane, Teephlow is out with a mind -boggling Hip-Hop song he tags ‘Preach’ in which it’s lyrical content is full of punches for his musical rival ‘Strongman’.

Your last stop entertainment website ‘celebretiesbuzz.co‘ managed to get 6(Six) punchlines within the Teephlow‘s ‘Preach‘ which is currently making strongmanCry‘ indoors like a baby and which is also placing more load schedules on his shoulders by Sarkcess Music fans.

Below are the punchlines:

1. Hype kakra startee dɛ ɔre manifest
bɛhwɛ killers aka wɔn ti abom
dey want sack me

Translation: In the voice of Teephlow, the small mileage given to Strongman perhaps because of Sarkodie’s effect, he’s working tirelessly to sabotage his (Teephlow’s) progress.

2They say we know they flow well                                                                      Now people dey tap into the flow
So they pray say we go start sink

Translation: Here, Teephlow revealed how music enthusiasts have fallen in love with his unique style that was demeaned by haters especially Strongman. As a result, haters including Strongman are praying for his downfall but hell no.

3. I’ve come this far                                                                                                   enti sɛ ɛdiss me a
Diss back naa
I wont play this card
I’m greatest of all time
But I don’t chew this cud

Translation: Teephlow started the second verse with the above mind-boggling lyrics saying that he’s come far in our music industry, therefore, he’s ever ready to throw shots at every artiste who will mess up with him. Don’t forget Strongman dissed him in the ‘charcoal’ song and he’s now paying him in his own coins with ‘preach’.

4. Mami bisa question koro pɛ
You bi sick aarh, no
buh you sure say you dey feel well
You dey flow buh you still underground
Does it feel well?

Translation: With this, Teephlow acknowledges the fact that Strongman, SarkCess Music signed art, is equally good but he’s still seen as underground artiste and it feels bad.

5. See I’m trynna paint a new pic but they still dey focus on the throwback     Maybe them for learn software developing, that be the only way these kids go fit grow up

Translation: Strongman in reference to winning Next Big Thing in GH Hip-Hop competition concluded in his ‘charcoal’ diss song that ‘..was better than you then, I’m better than you now…If you think you’re better now then chale, I’m the best’. But according to Teephlow, Strongman is sitting on past glory to make unnecessary ‘noise’ because he’s currently way ahead of him in Ghana music.

6. Sɛ efeeli dɛ ɛyɛ wild aarh send beat bra na yɛn killin that be what go fit give proof                                                                                                                          Until den me I’m trynna phlowducate your fans
 Ano get time to diss you

Translation: More importantly, confident Teephlow ended his ‘preach’ by throwing a challenge to Strongman to come for a rap battle to see who’s the realist. But until then, he’ll continue to phlowducate his (Strongman) fans with real rap.

From all clear indications, it is very obvious that the lyrical beef between Teephlow and Strongman is far from end as ‘Strongman‘ will surely respond to the beef after he finishes shading the tears.

Download: Teephlow – Preach


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